"Many years ago you framed a Paula Zima ink drawing "Man in a Tie" for us. With a very simple frame, this $10 pen & ink drawing became one of my favorite things in our house. As you know, some of our artwork is worth more than a fine European sports car; but after being framed as a real piece of art, this $10 pen & ink drawing really gets my attention every morning." - annonymous

"I like your framing advice; I'm always confindent that the work will be done beautifully." - mom

"Gail has an uncanny ability to see the whole picture & what are the most complementary textures for framing. She thinks of things that you wouldn't imagine & they turn out beautifully!" - Karen Corda Adler

"I always look forward to each faming project with Gail Johnson. Her excellent eye, professional knowledge and technical skills have produced wonderful framing for me over the years. We set up an appontment, and then from her vast stock of mats and mouldings she chooses several suitable samples to try on the picture "live". Together we choose just the right combination to compliment and enhance the picture's colors, medium and style. She has displayed her talents on various pieces of art I've personally collected over the years -- water colors, pastels photographs, prints and mixed media works, as well as several pieces by my late father, professional artist A. Harold Knott. Our most recent projects include a tinted etching, an old British poster and a graphite portrait. We're fortunate to have a framer of such high caliber in our County. Thanks, Gail!!"- Harleigh Knott

"You have always put the heart and well being of the artist and their work before anything else. This has gained the respect of many people over the years." - Pam Seeley

"You did a wonderful framing job on a needlepoint piece for me. It is a "WELCOME" sign with a large hospitality pineapple, stars, and other images. The mat color and frame you selected were perfect for the piece. The frame had a pattern that reflected some of the images in the piece and I loved how you made the frame patterns complete at the corners by adjusting the MAT to the size of my piece rather than the frame - it looks FANTASTIC in my guest room!" - Alaine Steuk

"I love the framing work you've done for me! If you ever want to use me as a reference for new clients, just give them my cell number. I'll give you lots of kudos and they can even come and see what you've done for me if they want to." - Gail Gordon

"I would like to thank you for bringing my little art collection up to date in so many ways. Has it been 23 years since I first dragged my mizzotints to you to help sort them out? Your artistic talent shows each of my oils, mezzotints, aquatints, etchings, paintings and pencil sketches to their best. There is no one else in the framing business that I know who has the good taste and artistic background that you possess. You are so patient and spend so much time with each item, always choosing a frame that is appropriate to the era in which it was created. You are always able to produce the exact finished presentattion we want for our pieces. Also, we are impressed with your ability to arrange and hang our pictures. Thank you." - Betty Lindsay

"In my ignorance, I never realized what a huge difference the right frame can make to a picture. Gail has the most amazing eye for designing the perfect frame for your picture. I am in awe of her skills. She's made a beautiful difference to any work I've given her for framing. Once you become wise to the framing difference Gail can make, you'll never go back to the standard frame shops." - Barbara Atkinson

"I have used Johnson Framing Studio since 1988 for all my framing. Each and every piece (there have been dozens) has been very professional museum quality work, and has held up over time. Johnson Framing adds value, delight, and beauty to each piece of art. Best of all, Gail Johnson is a joy to work with, she's helpful and creative, and treats each piece of art in a respectful and special way." - Christina Metzger

"You framed two of my grandmother's crocheted pieces. To have these protected and displayed so simly yet so beautifully still breings tears when I look at them. I'm thrilled that you found a way to frame them so I could hang them in a special place. They bring me great joy every day. Also, you came up with a solution to hand a quilt on the wall. I was absolutely amazed at what you did, although I should know by now that you do anything!" - Carolyn Hornbuckle, Mac & PC Teacher

"We entrusted our original one of a kind artwork done by the Dallidet daughters to Gail and her studio. She did a beautiful job framing them so they would maintain a look consistent with a late 18th century adobe using archival materials so they will be preserved for the future. She also helped us find a qualified professional conservator to repair the drawings so they would be at their best once they were framed. She has been an excellent source of information on other projects and she is a delight to work with! Thanks Gail!" - Kimberly Alfaro, Executive Director, San Luis Obispo County Historical Society

"Having something framed by you is always fun! If I know what I want, you're ready. If I don't know what I want, your input and suggestions are invaluable." - Tom & Linda Stuemer

"We love everything you've ever framed for us and never hesitate to let our friends know who did the framing when they compliment a piece. Each frame is a perfect addition to our artwork." - Cricket Handler & Jerry Boots

"The walls of my home showcase the mastery of Gail's framing skills. It is a pleasure to work with her as we explore the myriad of solutions that are possible for each piece of art. Though paintings, prints and photographs comprise the majority of the works that she has enhanced with quality materials and superb craftsmanship, there are a few others that have demanded a unique expertise. Family heirlooms and other treasures require problem solving skills that I can always count on Gail to deliver.
Professionalism is the hallmark of this business. You will find it in every detail of how Johnson Framing Studio is operated. Presentation does make a difference; Gail knows how to make good look great and great look fabulous. Check out this little shop on the far side of town. You will not be disappointed." - Crissa Hewitt, Artist and Art Collector

'I love the Cary Grant letter and envelope. Because the envelope is included it makes the letter more interesting and it looks lovely bookended by the Academy nominations. ' - Jere and Jay Harding

'Gail Johnson is passionate and extremely talented when it comes to framing my art work. She enhances my art, but at the same time listens to my ideas. She has been patient beyond words as I try to to decide what works for my home. She is a true professional and ends up being a true friend, also. I recommend Gail to anyone who wants to be proud of their art collection. Sincerely, '- Diane Simpson

'I've been relying on (Johnson Gallery or Gail Johnson) for years with my art framing projects. Gail has a great way of listening and asking questions until she understands your vision and will work with you with imagination and perserverance until you get what you want, even if you weren't sure yourself! Whether it's a family heirloom that's seen bettter days, a prized acquisition, or simply a yard sale piece that catches your eye, Johnson Gallery handles your art with the Tender Loving Care that it deserves! '- Shannon Peet Merrill

"Gail spent the time necessary to arrive at a framing solution that matched my vision. She engaged with me in creative interaction making me a participant and not merely a consumer. I am totally satisfied with the product and the process!" - L. Noel

"I can vouch for Gail's talent back to the days when she was on Chorro St......(how long ago was that?) Dean and Lou Miller recommended her as I recall. She has framed pictures, certificates and personal items for 3 homes that I have lived in and 2 professional offices that I helped decorate. " - Wren Mead

"Gail has been doing our framing since she was located across from the Mission on Chorro Street 26? years ago! She listens patiently, carefully interpreting my requests. She offers advice that promises both aesthetic and practical solutions. Her creative expertise keeps the client's personality and style in mind, and has always resulted in a finished product that more than meets my expectations. Each frame and mat is a work of art. I can't wait to see what she does with our next subject!" - Jennifer Fulbeck

"Gail is a most knowledgeable and dedicated framer. Her taste is impeccable. Her respect for the art is palpable. Her desire to please her clients is heartfelt and genuine. She's smart and interesting, cares about her community and besides that, she's a hoot! I can't think of a better business to support." - Barbara Bell, designer

"No matter what piece I bring to the studio, Gail always has the perfect frame, the perfect matte, and the skill to make each work of art a showpiece. She has an impeccable eye, really knows her products, and always takes her time with me to make sure I am getting exactly what I want. I appreciate her strict attention to detail, and she always gets my projects to me in a timely fashion. The love she puts into each piece she frames glows brightly from the wall. I could not give a higher recommendation for anyone's framing needs than the recommendation I would give Johnson Framing Studio!" - Jean Gibson-Gorrindo

"I have brought several new pictures and old pictures needing new matting to Gail. Her personal artistic skills and friendly attitude have produced beautiful results that grace my walls. Continued to success to you!" - Juanita Tolle

"All the framing you have done for us continues to bring me joy when I walk around our home and look at the various examples of your beautiful work." - Kandy Noel

"Gail Johnson has been crafting frames for me since 1995: large prints-one from the Hayward Gallery in London and one from the National Gallery in Washington D.C.-each purchased on first visits to these places, when I had little money to spare; two smaller prints from the Courtauld Gallery, also in London, that I had tacked up on the wall of my one-room flat during the three months I spent teaching there in the spring of 2000.
Gail has also framed watercolors purchased from street vendors in places like Florence, Prague, and Cuzco; a large oil painting for my dining room, the "just right" piece that I'd spent three years looking for; formal wedding portraits of my children and their spouses; and an original hand-scripted and hand-decorated poem my grandmother wrote for my mother's birthday, when my mother was seventeen-and my grandmother was dying.
In every case, Gail has worked hard to honor the "spirit" of the piece-and its meaning for me-in the frame she creates. These pieces have become an important part of my life, as I look at them often, drawn in again and again by the apt "whole" each seems to have become, and pause to reflect upon the sometimes profound memories they stir.
I continue to think of Gail as an amazingly gifted artist, a "one of a kind" practitioner, given in the particular combination of artistic vision, precision in execution, ssensitivity and insight she brings to her work. So, "Thank you, Gail", for the joy you continue to bring into my life." - Linda Halisky

"Gail was amazing. I had a very large challenging, complex watercolor of a sycamore tree/scene. She came up with a perfect approach to float the painting above a rich dark green and then frame the work in a very textured light wood to fully evoke the character of the sycamore and sycamore wood. It's the centerpiece of my guest room and how I introduce guests to the best of the Central Coast." - B.K. Richard

Whether for a picture or a tapestry, we've depended on Gail Johnson since 1985 for quality work. We've never been disappointed. - Jon & Amy Ericson

"The Johnson Framing Studio is the only place I take my artwork! Simply stated, Gail is a genius when it comes to matting and framing; her sense of color and design are impeccable! She makes what I consider a tedious task fun and always comes up with the perfect idea! Thank you, thank you!!" - Norene Simmons

"We would like to thank you for all your framing you have completed so artfully over the last 10 years. We have traveled around the world, accumulating art ranging from street artist from Peru, 60's posters from Las Vegas and European water colors. You have framed them, making them completed art for us to enjoy for years to come. Thank you for completing our journey!" - Stacy Korsgaden & Jodi Ramirez

"Every wall in my house is interesting because of you - whether it is "real" art, a poster, family art or childhood art you have made it and the wall special." - Charron O'Neill

"My wife and I are patrons of the arts. As we travel we collect various original works that we find inspiring and reminiscent of the local. When we moved to the area 10 years ago, artist friends said Johnson Framing was the only place to take art requiring "real" framing. In the 40 years of doing, and collecting art, Gail is the consummate craftsperson. My friends were right. Pieces are approached with scale, and color, positive and negative space considerations woven into the discussion. Upon the final selections of materials, styles, and colors, she executes perfectly. Once, when I went to pick up a piece, she noted a few flecks of dust under the glass, and those needed to be removed. She showed me the dust particles under a bright, intense light. Her frames and mats (as required) are a wonderful compliment to the work. For any piece of art, that means anything to us, Johnson Framing Studio is the only place we will have work done." - Joe & Joyce Timmons

"I am happy to attest that the process of working with you to choose the proper matte and frame is half the fun and almost as satisfying as the finished product, and I have also brought you family portraits and other items to be redone in your inimitable style." - Stephen Brown

"Thank you for being such a close part of our lives. We live with our pictures every minute and you are a huge part of their beauty." - Jeanette Kimball & Bill Roberts

"Just wanted to tell you how well you've worked around my requests for cutting the mats to showcase the artist and his written words to us. I love the simplicity which makes the picture stand out. Thank you." - Debbie Valentine