self portrait in Denver


It probably seems a little odd that a person would choose "picture framing" as a career, out of all the possible options, but it probably traces back to my parents' appreciation for art and my youthful association with Myron Graham, a moderate talent in design and a compulsion for independence and creativity. I purchased my framing equipment in 1974, the same year my son Brennan was born, and experimented on family and friends' pictures until my opportunity knocked.

After studying Architecture at Cal Poly, I detoured to the life of "mom and homemaker" for a few years, followed my father into the insurance business, and after deciding that an "office job" wasn't my passion, I opened my first shop on Chorro Street in 1985. This is where I learned my craft, became one of the first people in the country to earn a Certified Picture Framing (CPF) designation and worked to create an art haven in a mostly-agricultural town.

1994 was the year I purchased and restored the "Kaetzel House" on Marsh Street with a friend and ran a successful art gallery, gift shop and framing studio for over ten years. Now I'm in my third location, focusing on my first love: picture framing.



When Johnson Framing moved its production to Sueldo Street in 2001, E-Cat was rumored to be about 8 years old, according to neighbors who had her spayed. She was so wild she would run into the brush to avoid being seen. Over the years, she has become so tame that she eats out of Gail's hand, and fully expects to get her daily "entitlement" - hence her name: Entitled-Cat.