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What's the largest piece you can frame?

How do you frame a needlepoint that is stretched so it comes out so perfect?

Why does framing a picture a certain way work sometimes and not others - like double or triple mats, or French cuts, or boxed frames? - you know . . .

We need a mini-lesson on how to pick a frame - what are the basic rules?

I think you are expensive. Why should I have you do our framing, vs. Michael's?

Is it always worth it to pay for the best protection when framing? I always do because I never know when I am going to move something into a sunnier area, but maybe you know of some things that don't fade or degrade.

When framing artwork for sale, what considerations should an artist make first? Only price? Design?

A list of things to consider when trying to decite where and how to hang a piece of art would be helpful for me.

How can I find out if my piece has any value?

What is the difference between different thicknesses in plexi glass? Does glass vs. plexi make a difference in the survival of my artwork?

Regarding conservation glass (anti-fading glass), does it last over a long time and still protect the art piece from frading, or does the anti-fading element in the glass lose its effect with time and need replacement?

Do you have anti-glare or anti-reflection glass for framing?

What types of art should NOT be placed behind glass?

What is UV glass and is it always the best choice?

How do you frame religious icons?

How do you anchor down small collectibles - shells stones, buttons, buckles, dried flowers to the backing in shadow boxes?

Can you frame fabric?

Can you frame leather?

Can you remove already framed fabric (antique) and then reframe it?

Can you frame objects such as an antique silver head piece from Vietnam?

What is involved in archival framing? Why is it important?

I wonder how much protection the glass offers against the artwork fading. I am interested in decorating the mat myself and then having you cut it. Can I buy the mat from you and then customize it for my framing? Are here any web sites with instruction on this?

What are the options for framing 3-d art such as textiles, masks, ceramic/clay artifacts?


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